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Most body treatments are enjoyed with minimal clothing. Undergarments or swimsuits may be worn if desired.

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Swedish Massage 

A soothing massage using light, long, gentle strokes to melt away stress.

30 Minutes60 Minutes90 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep massage manipulating the muscles to relieve soreness, tension, and increase circulation in the body.

30 Minutes60 Minutes90 Minutes

Hot Stone Massage 

A therapeutic massage paired with healing warm stones to melt away stress.

60 Minutes90 Minutes


Designed to focus on the central nervous system using pure essential oils to remove impurities and promote relaxation

60 Minutes

Prenatal Massage

Relieve aches and pains associated with pregnancy with this gental massage. For 2nd and 3rd trimesters only.

60 Minutes

Lomi Lomi Massage

Traditioinal Hawaiin message uses flowing movements to stimulate lymphatic, circulatory, and nervous systems during this unique treatment.

60 Minutes

Couple's Massage

Relaxing massage for two in our deluxe couples room. Services are tailored to your specific needs and are individually priced.

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Pressure is applied to areas of the feet corresponding to organs of the body, providing relazation and healing.

30 Minutes60 Minutes

Scalp Treatment

Invigorating scalp massage with essential oils to de-stress and soothe the senses. A fresh shampoo & blow-dry complete the service.

30 Minutes

Raindrop Therapy $119.00

This technique helps bring balance and harmony to the body by combining targeted massage and distinctive energy approaches while using premium essential oils.

Heartwood Signature Body Immersion $124.00

Organic shea butter scrub exfoliation is followed by a smoothing aloe vera wrap, and finishes with an application of intensely moisturizing body butter to leave your skin glowing. Our signature scent includes essential oils of bergamot, lemongrass, and fir needles.

Vitamin Packed Body Immersion $124.00

Your senses will be uplifted with this antioxidant-rich full body scrib, wrap, and body butter application dripping with citrus scents and pure essential oils.

Island Escape Body Immersion $124.00

Virgin coconut oil rejuvenates conditions, and heals the skin with a full body scrub, body wrap, and hydrating body butter, while sceents of tropical coconut transport you to an island escape!